Here are some of our most frequently asked questions


Do I have to be a Western Bulldogs fan or follow sport to be involved?

No, any man can participate in the Sons of the West men’s health program. You don’t even have to follow any sport! We are an inclusive program that welcomes all. Head to the registration page to find out more.


How do I sign up?

In 2019 we’ve changed the process a little to previous years.

Head to the Registration tab to find out more on how to get involved.


Is there a minimum age or age limit?

Yes, participants must be at least 18 years old to register.


What if I work for a health service and want to refer a client?

Please email Victoria@sonsofthewest.org.au for a referral form.


Does the program cost?

Thanks to our wonderful partners, which can be found here, we are able to offer the Sons of the West program is FREE! How good is that?

Head to the Registration page to sign up or keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the program.


Where does the Sons of the West run?

Head to our schedules page to see where the current program is running. 


What happens on the night?

Each session runs for 2 hours at a number of locations in western Victoria.

Each week the first hour of the session will have a highly interactive

presentation from experts in men’s health. You’ll then have a chance

to hear from men who have lived through or live with the health

issues you’re learning about.

During the second hour of the session, we will put our knowledge to the test

by getting out and you guessed it… being active!

The Sons of the West program physical activity sessions cater for all levels of

fitness and ability.


What are some of the incentives for joining?

Not only are you improving your health, BUT you get some cool incentives along the way.

Head to the incentive tab to find out more on some of the great prizes you can receive for being part of the program!


How many years can I be part of the Sons of the West?

Thanks to our partners and the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation each participant can participate in THREE years of the program for free!


Will I get tickets to Western Bulldogs game?

As part of the program, we will look to reward your hard work with some potential game day experiences, including General Admission tickets to a Western Bulldog game!


The above answers didn’t help?

No worries, send an email to Victoria@sonsofthewest.org.au or call (03) 9680 6499 and we can help you out.




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