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The Sons of the West program runs once a year with activities held locally between programs.

The programs for 2020 will be starting in March. To find out more program contact the team at Western Bulldogs Community Foundation via email at, or call 9680 6499.


So how does a Sons of the West session run? We’re glad you asked.


Each session runs for 2 hours. at a number of locations in western Victoria.

Each week the first hour of the session will have a highly interactive presentation from experts in men’s health. You’ll then have a chance to hear from men who have lived through or live through the health issues you’re learning about.


Physical Activity

During the second hour of the session, we will put our knowledge to the test by getting out and you guessed it… being active!

The Sons of the West physical activity sessions cater for all levels of fitness and ability. The session is broken down into three different groups:

  • Getting Active — This group will cater for those guys who may not be familiar with physical activity. Maybe you’re just coming back from rehabilitation or an injury? Or maybe you just haven’t been active in a while and want to dust off the runners. This group is perfect for those who just want to get moving again with the support of our qualified staff.


  • Active — This group is for the men who may have a base level fitness already, or for those guys who may have played a bit of sport back in the day. We will look at making physical activity fun again with plenty of variety and enjoyable activities.


  • Active Advanced — This group caters for those guys who have an advanced level of fitness and really want to challenge themselves.


We all have good days and bad days, so please remember that at any time throughout the program you can move up and down within these groups. Your health is our priority.

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