Sons of the West - A beginner's guide


Sons of the West – A beginner’s guide

What is the ‘Sons of the West?’

Sons of the West is a FREE health program for men aged 18 and over living, working and recreating in Victoria’s west.

It consists of programs aimed to improve your mental health and physical health through a series of workshops, presentations, events and experiences.

The Sons of the West now runs three programs over the calendar year helping men across Victoria’s west improve their health.

The 2017 Premiership Season program starts on May 22, click here for session information and schedules for a location near you.


What is the ‘Premiership Season?’

The Sons of the West ‘Premiership Season’, formerly known as the ‘Main Program’, has been renamed to coincide with the Sons of the West establishing itself as a leader in men’s health. 

The ‘Premiership Season’ is the second Sons of the West program for the year and is run by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.  It is a 10-week program that helps men, learn about their health and wellbeing. Activities are held locally under the themes of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Mental Health.

There are loads of giveaways and incentives including match day experiences, customised Sons of the West hoodies (a Sons of the West favourite!) and the chance to win signed merchandise from the Premiership winning Western Bulldogs.

Get together with your mates, get healthy and pick up some cool free stuff while you’re doing it.

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Why Men’s Health?

The stats tell us that men out west are some of the unhealthiest in Victoria. We want to chip away at these numbers by raising awareness and helping men live better, eat better and get back into the game of life.

  • Males living in Maribyrnong have the lowest life expectancy in urban Victoria (76.5 years)
  • 9 per cent of Victorian males are overweight or obese - in Hobsons Bay this jumps to 50 per cent
  • Less than 1 in 5 Victorian men smoke - in Brimbank this jumps to 1 in 3
  • In Victoria 41 per cent of people report being involved in organised sport – in Wyndham only 30 per cent are involved in sport
  • 9 per cent of men living in Melton are classified as sedentary – almost double the Victorian average
  • 3 per cent of men within the Central Highlands of regional Victoria are obese
  • 4 per cent of Victorian males are obese; in Central Goldfields this jumps to 28.1 per cent


Who is it for?

Sons of the West is open to all men over the age of 18 who live, work or recreate in Victoria’s west.

The Western Bulldogs partner with local councils and community health centres within the municipalities of Ballarat, Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Sunbury and Wyndham. This year we are also proud to have Central Goldfields Shire rolling out the program in Maryborough.

The program caters for all levels of knowledge and fitness. The programs physical activity sessions are split into three groups of varying levels including ‘Getting Active, ‘Active’ and ‘Active Advanced’. We aim to make exercise fun, achievable and enjoyable – just the way it should be.


What happens in the Premiership Season?

So how does a session run? We’re glad you asked



Each session runs for 2 hours at 17 different sites.

Each week the first hour of the session will have an interactive presentation from experts in men’s health.

One week you will be hearing from cancer survivors, the next you will be making fresh healthy meals in an interactive cooking class. 

At Sons of the West, no two sessions are the same!


Physical Activity

During the second part of the session, we will put our knowledge to the test by getting out and you guessed it… being active!

The physical activity sessions cater for all levels of knowledge and fitness. The session is broken down into three different groups.

Getting Active

This group is for those guys who may not be familiar with physical activity. Maybe you’re just coming back from rehabilitation or an injury, or maybe you just haven’t been active in a while and want to dust off the runners.

This group is perfect for those who just want to get moving again with the support of our qualified staff.


This group is for the men who may have a base level fitness already, or for those guys who may have played a bit of sport back in the day. We will look at making physical activity fun again with plenty of variety and enjoyable activities. 

Active Advanced

This group is for those guys who are in good condition and really want to challenge themselves. Here you will really build up a sweat and get a good workout. Are you up to the challenge?

We all have good days and bad days, so please remember that at any time throughout the program you can move up and down within these groups. Your health is our priority.


How do I get involved?


All you have to do is turn up to a session.

There are now 17 locations over 8 different municipalities. Find your nearest or most convenient location under the Schedules section or head to for more info.  The ‘Premiership Season’ will commence in late May, 2017.

On the night, all you will need to do is fill out a basic registration and medical history form, once completed you will receive your free incentives and can proudly say that you are an official Sons of the West member.

Look out for our brand new Leaders this year! They will be wearing dark blue polos. These guys have graduated from three years of the Sons of the West program. They are there to improve the program, have a chat and make sure you’re getting the most of the Premiership Season.


Who is involved in the Program?

The Sons of the West is highly diverse, and is now one of the biggest men’s health programs in the world.

A range of highly qualified, experienced and passionate people make the program what it is today, including:

  • Council Coordinators
  • Community Health Centre employees
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Community Partnerships
  • Podiatrists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Health Promotion and Public Health Specialists
  • Translators


The Sons of the West provides exciting student placements for our associated universities, including positions in:

  • Exercise Science
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Health Promotion
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Psychology
  • Community Development
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics


The placements provide hands on experience contributing to major changes in hundreds of men’s lives, while also providing career development opportunities.  


Attend Week 1:

Everyone will receive a FREE ‘Sons of the West’ Premiership Season t-shirt and a 2017 Premiership Season passport.

Recruit: A white t-shirt for those men attending their first ever Premiership Season program. You’ll also get a ‘Sons of the West’ water bottle and hat.

You are now an official ‘Sons of the West’ member. Welcome!

Graduate: A blue t-shirt for those men who are attending their second ‘Premiership Season’. Welcome back fellas!

Captain: A red t-shirt for the men who are attending their third and final year of the ‘Premiership Season’. You guys know the drill, this year we will have some exciting new instalments to the program.

Leadership Academy: You men have proudly graduated from the first instalment of the Sons of the West Leadership Academy! You guys will continue to make this program bigger and better.


If you have attended at least 7 sessions:

Receive a ‘Sons of the West’ 2017 Graduation hoodie which is a ‘Sons of the West’ favourite from 2016.

You will also get an exclusive invite to the ‘Sons of the West’ Graduation.


Sons of the West Graduation:

This night is a celebration for the men who have successfully completed the program. Family and friends will be invited to help celebrate the commitment you have shown to improving your health.

But remember, you need to attend at least 7 different sessions to be part of this fantastic night! So make sure you get your passport stamped each night.


Sons of the West Club Champion Award

This year the ‘Sons of the West’ program will again be recognising outstanding individual achievements within the program.

The recognised participants will have made a significant contribution within his team or the wider community, whilst demonstrating the ‘Sons of the West’ values and always going above and beyond.

This individual will receive a signed 2017 Sherrin Football from the Western Bulldogs.

For more information please contact (03) 9680 6499 or email

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