Mental Health

Mental illness is one of Australia’s top three leading causes of disease burden, and the largest contributor to the disability burden in Victoria.

With more than one in 10 Victorian adults experiencing high or very high levels of psychological distress in 2012, it is estimated that mental illness costs the Victorian economy $5.4 billion every year.

Most people in Australia have some experience with anxiety and depression, whether it is personal or via family, friends or work colleagues. The Sons of the West Men’s Health Program works closely with beyondblue who  provide ambassadors to come along to speak to participants and tell them their story and provide information on mental health. beyondblue’s work is aimed at achieving an Australian community that understands anxiety and depression, empowering every person in Australia, at any life-stage, to seek help.

beyondblue raises awareness, reduces stigma and ensures people have access to the information they need to support recovery, management and resilience.  beyondblue works in partnership with health services, schools, workplaces, universities, media and community organisations, as well as people living with anxiety and depression, their friends and family, to bring together expertise and provide tools and resources.

If you, a friend or a family member need support or information around depression please visit Get immediate support.The beyondblue support service provides advice and support via telephone 24/7 (just call 1300 22 4636), daily web chat (between 3pm–12am) and email (with a response provided within 24 hours).

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